5 things to look out for when hiring a web designer

What should you be looking for when hiring a web designer?

As a business, you want someone who not only knows what they’re doing, but you’re also looking for an all round package. Someone who has the knowledge and experience to guide the website process.

Design knowledge?

Does the designer have real understanding and knowledge of designing? Are the sites designed for all platforms? Are they easy to use?

These are all the questions you should be asking when considering a web designer.

Red Flags?

Are they promising you a website within a day?

If they are, you should be concerned. There are a lot of aspects to web design so to have one ready in a day, is a huge red flag.

Charging by the hour?

Charging hourly is totally fine IF they give you a reasonable scope of work beforehand. If a website designer refuses to give you a broad (low to high) hours estimate before starting a project, red flag.

Do they have a passion for working with your business?

Making sure the company is invested in the project is key and always produces best results. Any project that we partake in is always something we’re passionate about and something we know we can do an amazing job with.

Are they affordable?

The amount of clients that come to us saying, I’ve received 5 quotes, ranging from £x to £xxxxx is astonishing. Making sure you establish what each quote offers, and why the amount is that much is key into picking a web designer.

Work with us

We’re more than confident with any website design, no matter the complexities. We pride ourselves on our work, we are designers with passion, well actually an obsession with producing solid good work. We love when we see clients businesses grow from something we worked on. We’d love to work with you too.